Hello world, welcome to chessaround!

Hello and welcome! This is International Master Piotr Nguyen and I would like to introduce you to the world of chessaround.

The website is still under construction, but I hope it will be officially open soon!

What is chessaround?

Primarily the idea was to provide a calendar of chess events and help organizers to promote their tournaments. This is still a part of this project and the calendar can be found under https://calendar.chessaround.com/ but the vision is much wider now. After all, chess is not only about playing tournaments, right?

Couple years ago I abandoned my personal blog as I was working on a big project in Polish – Infoszach, a chess news website where I developed entire ecosystem of social media. I managed to create a group of content creators who support each other and that allows us to develop and share great tools, knowledge, skills and ultimately build a strong brand. Now, I would like to return to blogging in English and at the same time I want to implement some of those ideas here. I want to share my thoughts on chess related topics. How to improve your play? What books to read? Basically I want to inspire you, give some food for thought. I also hope chessaround won’t be only me – I am planning to invite more content creators and together we can provide a better service. Let’s connect with chess enthusiasts around the world!

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